A.R.BhartiSoftland: Simplifying Business Processing on Odoo Platfrom

CIO Vendor The IT industry has witnessed a dramatic change in the Open ERP landscape. Implementation of Open ERP within SMBs and enterprises is an essential requirement if the businesses’ current ERP system lacks the functionalities that are needed to support their business operations. However, the transition from maintaining manual records and legacy systems to a defined multi-department single system is no less than an arduous task. It demands more accurate information, rights management, and multilevel approvals. This varies across the broad range of industries that have different frameworks/rules to run operations and thus are required to change system design. Coming to the fore with deep industry workflow expertise is Noida situated Bharti Softland with their comprehensive suite of customizable Odoo ERP and a team of professionals possessing industry-rich expertise. Perfectly understanding each customer’s unique requirements, Alok Bharti, Founder, and Director, Bharti Softland explains, “Our business mantra is ‘Simplifying Business through Technology’. Bharti Softland is bench marked against International Standards and Frameworks for process definition and improvement.”

Adhering to their core ideology, the company has implemented multiple workflows and ERP projects across a broad range of industries that were quite complex in nature. This achievement is accredited to their success in building a strong team and a culture around the very idea of Simplifying Business through Technology. The idea has been well communicated not only within the company but is extended to their customers as well, thereby elevating the customer experience to complete satisfaction. “We constantly evaluate our progress and people against our idea and thus create a shared vision of growth of our organization,” says Alok. Additionally, the team boasts of an incomparable time-bound implementation and training methodology with proper analysis and approvals assuring quality delivered at an economical cost.

As an ERP solutions implementer, the team works on identifying the unique characteristics and strength of the organization. “We implement RTM (Requirement Traceable Matrix) to identify scope and requirement considering our deep industry knowledge,” reveals Alok. Bharti Softland firmly believes that every organization has their own set of distinctive strengths that have helped them survive in this dynamic market but need to equip themselves with trending technologies to stay relevant. The team commences with understanding the client’s core strengths, the novelty factors of their process and all the effective practices that are followed. Once this is established, the problem areas are diagnosed and the potential improvement areas across each department are mapped out. The novel CPS process model (Creative problem-solving process) not only helps identify unproductive processes across the different departments but also pinpoints the unproductive thinking pattern prevailing in the company. With a stronghold over this domain, the model is based on intense practices that include observing, inquiring, interpreting, evaluating, judging, identifying, supposing, composing, comparing, analyzing and calculating.

With a proven track record of catering to a massive customer base, one such renowned organization, Anand Books International, approached Bharti Softland to assist them in a smooth transition from conventional methods of working to digitalizing their work processes. Some of the key challenges encountered post examination within the organization was an elaborate manual system of production, inventory, sales and marketing, human capital management, new book development projects, office work/file flow and a strenuous monitoring system for an organization that had over 250 employees. Preserving the good and salvageable characteristics of the current system and implementing the new solution, the team leveraged an Odoo modular approach and good UI and created a synergy bridge between the old system and the new system keeping the transition smooth and healthy. Alok adds, “We have created several new models under the Odoo platform. It was fast and seamlessly integrated with other Odoo modules and takes the advantage of inheritance characteristic.”

A satisfied and content Akhil Gupta, CEO, Anand Books International shares his experience working with Bharti Softland, “The publishing industry was going through a structural reform and our IT infrastructure systems needed to be capable of supporting both our current and future business needs. Bharti Softland offered us a functionally strong and integrated Odoo ERP solution with inbuilt mobility and analytics to address the end-to-end needs of our various operations. With Odoo ERP, we are able to scale and grow our system smoothly while continuing to control the costs attached to IT.”

Assisting the adoption trend of e-Governance Initiatives
In conjunction with this, Bharti Softland recently introduced a
GPS based monitoring system to the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation). Harnessing the power of this system, the team has improved the toilet condition in the past one year. The monitoring system was designed at a fraction of the purported cost. Regular citizens are encouraged to adopt the role of smart city monitors by using mobile apps with GPS. The self-appointed smart city monitor can easily track the problem, click a picture and upload the evidence in the specific category and submit it to the situation room of the government. In response to this, the government assigns a team to each complaint. Once the job specified is complete, the team posts an update on the case via the smart app, thereby improving the city’s resilient system.

Adoption of Odoo CRM is very fast as compared to other CRMs with an equal business scope. It has unparalleled user friendless with same business scope applications

Catering to a gamut of industry verticals, the manufacturing industry is one of the sectors that Bharti Softland has made notable contributions to. Alok informs us of his observations pertaining to this segment on how the manufacturing industry encounters issues like inventory wastage, errors in stock management, increased operating costs and reduced productivity attributing it to improper process management and stock validation handling. Studying the industry pain points, the team offers Odoo ORM (Object Relational Mapping) which is a powerful technique for module entity relation. It offers accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times that is measured on the work center control panel with full integration between MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM. In essence, Odoo ERP captures data and furnishes a real-time holistic view of the organization's core business processes such as production, order processing, and multi-location inventory management. It tracks business resources and the status of commitments made by the business by any department.

Achieving Set Targets with Innovative CRM tool
Yet another invaluable offering is the Odoo CRM module that stores customer information that is amalgamated into one platform for better viewing and thorough analysis. With the help of Odoo, the team can monitor and track any client's communication. In addition to this, the lead and sales status can be viewed to get an update. One can easily and efficiently keep a track of leads, opportunities, meetings, phone calls, mass mailing campaigns, claims, helpdesk, and support. The tool is well integrated with the accounts and human resources department, work approval flow, price approval flow and temporary delegation of work. With the assistance of the amassed lead and opportunity insights, one can forecast and decide on a plan of action to achieve the set targets. “Adoption of Odoo CRM is very fast as compared to other CRMs with an equal business scope. It has unparalleled user friendless with same business scope applications,” informs Alok.

Aware of the pivotal role played by an effective presentation in closing any deal, the technically adept team at Bharti Softland has engineered several tools like the Proposal Designing System with an intelligent presentation engine under the Odoo CRM platform. This tool works towards making the proposal quick, effective, detailed and presentable. The output presentation is multi-device friendly, clubbed with better multimedia proposal designing, thereby giving it a clear advantage over competitors.

Fighting Malicious Security Attacks
Aware of almost every organization's inhibition towards adopting open source ERP due to the susceptibility to malicious security attacks, Bharti Softland is following ISO 27001 and Project Management tools for risk management. Essentially, the company defines security in three layers with the first one being the Server Layer where the team stores the data on one of the best cloud servers with maximum security patches. Second one is the User Layer where the team follows Odoo user management system and security and provides training to their renowned clientele. Lastly, there is a Database and Application Layer where the team comes together to strategically manage the database with a secure and modular approach.

Incepted in 2007, the company extends their services to businesses with their superior Odoo ERP offering which is an exhaustive suite comprising of a plethora of business applications including Project Management, CRM, Sales, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, and Financial Management and the likes. Attaining success in this domain, Bharti Softland aims to be one of the leading companies in this segment and is currently working on an XML based real-time tour booking engine and back-office operations management system on Odoo Platform that is scheduled to be launched in March 2018.